But Why Consider Taking the Gospel to a Muslim Country?

Why should someone even think about going to a Muslim country? Why should someone leave the US and go to a place that will be difficult? You may not see much fruit and it could be dangerous. Shouldn’t they just stay here in the states and give the gospel here. Isn’t there a great need here in the US for the gospel? I would say yes, there is a need in the US for the gospel, but there is so much light already here! There are thousands of churches in most communities. It is time for those Christians to wake up and do the job that was given to us from Christ. It is time for them to obey the Great Commission. SO why go? Well, here are some reasons people should consider going instead of staying:

  1. We have been commanded to take the gospel to the whole world — The Great Commission was given and we were commanded to take the gospel to a lost and dying world. Many Christians today take it as a suggestion instead of a command. Well, it is a command and we need to be doing it. We need to be going and taking the gospel to those who have never heard.
  2. Islam is growing while Christianity is shrinking— Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. It is a missionary religion and they are willing to go for a false prophet and a false god and take their message all around. Why won’t we as Christians go and take the news of Christ to them? Our Saviour is alive and we owe everything we have to Christ so why stay when we need to be going!
  3. If no one goes they will die and go to hell— Hell is a real place and those who do not trust Christ as their Saviour will die and spend eternity there. The Muslims all around the world have been blinded by Satan and do not know about Christ. Someone must go. Many people must go and take the gospel to them because if not, they will die and go to hell. Not necessarily for rejecting Christ, but because they never knew of what He did for them!
  4. Christ died on the cross, not only for us but for them— Why do people need to go to the Muslims? Because Christ died on the cross for them. Christ and God love them and want them to be saved, but without someone willing to take the message to them they will never know of that love.
  5. But they don’t deserve it!—Guess what! We did not deserve salvation. We deserved hell and yet Christ came and died for us that we might have life eternal! So in all reality, nobody deserves heaven. Everyone deserves hell. But because Christ came and died and rose again the third day for us, then everyone deserves to hear and know no matter who they are or what they have done. 
  6. The love of Christ— The love of Christ should constrain us to go! We must look at them through the eyes of Christ not the eyes of an American, the news media or others. We must look at them as souls in need of a Saviour!

There are many more reasons why you should consider going to a Muslim country but these were just a few of the top reasons. What a great need in the Muslim world. Would you consider giving your life to go and take the gospel to them? Will you show them the love of Christ? Will you go to the Muslim world? If you are interested in going to the Muslim world or knowing more about it we would love to hear from you. Feel free to email us or comment below!