Mission Trips


Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a country that sits in darkness where people worship catfish and crocodiles. But it is also a country that is open and ripe unto harvest. Join us for this life-changing trip!

  • July 3-13, 2023
  • Leaders: Dallas & Ashley Brown
  • Contact: dallas@browns2africa.com
  • Cost: approx. $2500 (includes airfare, meals, lodging, travel)
  • Visa and Yellow Fever vaccination are required
  • *Longer stays on the field are possible

South Africa

You will travel from Atlanta to Port Elizabeth, South Africa to work with a team of church planting missionaries and also be able to participate in the ministries of Camp Rhino.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to serving you.

  • Leaders: Mark Coffey, Kevin Hall, Jeremy Hall, and Josh Sullivan
  • Contact: missionarycoffey@gmail.com 
  • Cost: approx. $1000 plus airfare
  • Dates: June 26-July 10, 2023 (Longer stays on the field are possible at reduced rates).



    Vision For China is hosting a short-term missions trip, the “Goforth China Tour”, in the summer of 2023!


    Every Christian needs to visit India! Your mind will be overwhelmed at the sea of people in the world’s second most populated country. Your eyes will be opened to the need for the gospel as you visit the banks of the Ganges River. Your heart will be encouraged as you see the work that God is doing to raise up young men to send them forth to preach the gospel. Contact us to schedule your trip.


    Come see the largest Muslim country in the world! You will travel to the island of Java, the heart of Indonesia. Your time will be fast-paced as you see skyscrapers and villages. This amazing country has a great need for more laborers. On this trip, you will help in the outreach of a new church plant while seeing the condition of the world’s largest Muslim country.

    • Dates: July 15th-24th. Flexible
    • Cost: $1,000 + tickets (typically $1,500).
    • Leaders: Jens Looney & Josh Ewing
    • Contact: jens.looney@gmail.com


    Kaohsiung City and Taichung City

    Visit a 9-year-old church planting ministry featuring five church plants in two cities, all at different levels of maturity and independence.  Speak to those who have been transformed by the Gospel of Christ and are now serving Him full-time. Team up with church planters and national pastors to help in the ongoing ministries.  Eight days of a balanced work/rest schedule.

    • Date:  TBD (8 days in Taiwan)
    • Cost: Airfare + $2,200. 
    • Leaders: John Walz & Adam Walz
    • Contact: walzinchina@gmail.com


    The United Kingdom

    On the UK Trip, not only will you see the need in Europe, but you will also be able to get directly involved in gospel ministry. 


    Relighting the Candles Vision Tour

    We hope you will consider coming and visiting Turkey next summer on the Relighting the Candles Vision Tour  It will be a life-changing trip and an opportunity to see the cities of the seven churches of Revelation, see the need of the gospel in Turkey and help out in a church plant in Turkey! 

    • Dates: June 19-26 2023
    • Cost: $2300
    • Leaders: Brady Van Winkle/ Dustin Brown
    • Contact: brady@truthtoturkey
    • Website: truthtoturkey.com/missionstrip


      New York City

      Come minister in the largest, most diverse city in America! Get involved in helping two new church plants as they evangelize in multi-ethnic communities in NYC. See the sights and get a heart for the need in this great city. You will meet people from all over the world and get a chance to share the Gospel with them. 

      • Dates: June 20-27 2023
      • Cost: $1,395 Includes Transportation in NYC, Lodging, Meals, & Attractions (does not include airfare to NYC)
      • Contact: Jon Canavan 917-796-8717 Kanon Bloom 332-239-3895 — reachingnyc@gmail.com / kanonbloom@icloud.com


      If you don’t have a passport and can’t afford a trip overseas, consider the World’s Cheapest Missions Trip. the impact may be one of the greatest you have ever experienced. On this trip, you will meet many missionaries from Vision Baptist Missions, visit a Muslim Mosque, a Hindu Temple, Buddhist Temple, Jewish Synagogue, participate in a missions class, see the city of Atlanta, participate in evangelism and so much more. This week can change your life!



      Buenos Aires

      See the opportunity of the gospel to be declared in Argentina, as well as a vision of what God can do through the lives of families surrendering to serve Jesus!

      • Leaders:  Patrick Henry, Stephen Underwood
      • Contact Stephen Underwood at mailto:sunderwood52@gmail.com for more information or questions!
      • Dates: June 9-20, 2023
      • Cost: $2600



      Come experience the mission field of one of the largest cities in Argentina. Learn first hand life on the foreign field as you help in the early stages of different church plants and see the great need of church planting in the city of Rosario.

      • Date: July 17-25.
      • Leaders: Shawn Bateman
      • Cost: $2600
      • Contact: batemansinargentina@gmail.com


      Come visit one of South America’s most diverse countries that is rich in culture and steeped in religion. On this trip you will be able to help in a new church plant, evangelism and other opportunities.

      • Leaders: Kevin White, Andrew Wilder
      • Contact: ktwbmw73@gmail.com
      • Cost: $1900 
      • Dates: Fall break although dates are flexible.


      In Chile, you’ll be able to pray over the city from the tallest building in Latin America, take part in several outreach ministries with both children and adults, and get a great taste of Latin American culture every moment you’re here. We’ll also have fun activities such as snow tubing in the Andes and visiting port cities Valparaíso and Viña Del Mar. Come see what great things God is doing in Chile, and how you can be a part!


      The beautiful mountains and valleys of Colombia are filled with more than 50 million people, most still without hope. Come help us get the Gospel to them.

      • Date: June 24 – July 1, 2023
      • Cost: $1200 + Airfare
      • Leaders: Chestley Howell | Blake Young | Miguel Sanabria 
      • Contact: www.ComeSeeColombia.com / 404-432-9230


      This eight-day mission trip includes incredible opportunities to serve and experience everyday life on the mission field. You will be able to participate in ministering to kids in the area through Vacation Bible School and visit the capital city, Quito. Details are listed below!


      Plan your next missions trip and see the great need in places like Mexico City, Toluca, where we are currently working and continue to start new churches! Contact us today! Don’t forget the yummy tacos as well! 

      • Date: June 22-29, 2023
      • Cost: $1,200
      • Leader: Jonathan Anderson 
      • Contact: projectwinmexico@gmail.com
      • Website: projectwinmexico.com


      Join us this summer to have your life changed by experiencing the great need for the Gospel in the city of Arequipa! You will have the opportunity to visit a thriving ministry where God has done great things. You will be directly involved in the ministry and receive hands-on training. Join us from June 16th-June 26th. We also offer flexible dates for your visit! For more info, please reach out to the Peru Ministry team!