Mission Trips


Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a country that sits in darkness where people worship catfish and crocodiles. But it is also a country that is open and ripe unto harvest. Join us for this life-changing trip!

  • July 18-28, 2022
  • Leaders: Jason Rishel, Dallas Brown, Nate Wilkerson
  • Contact: bfvisiontour@gmail.com
  • Cost: approx. $2300 (includes airfare, meals,
    lodging, travel)
  • Visa and Yellow Fever vaccination are required
  • *Longer stays on the field are possible

South Africa

Work and learn alongside a team of church-planting missionaries in South Africa as you dive into the ministries of Camp Rhino!

  • June 14-28, 2022
  • Leaders: Mark Coffey, Kevin Hall, Jeremy Hall, Josh Sullivan
  • Contact: missionarycoffey@gmail.com
  • Cost: approx. $1200 + airfare
  • *Longer stays on the field are possible



Vision For China is hosting the Goforth China Tour in the summer of 2022 for approximately 2 weeks!

  • Summer 2022 (flexible dates)
  • Contact: info@visionforchina.com
  • Cost: approx. $600 + airfare
  • Visit visionforchina.org for more details


Your mind will be overwhelmed by the sea of people in the world’s second most populated country. Your eyes will be opened to the gospel need as you visit the banks of the Ganges River. Your heart will be encouraged as you see what God is doing to raise up young men to preach the gospel. Contact us to schedule your trip!

  • 2022 (flexible dates)
  • Contact: jelrod10@gmail.com
  • Cost: $2500
  • Visa required


You will get to see the cities of Bandung, Jakarta, Suraba- ya, and Yogyakarta. You will help with the outreach efforts of a new church plant and see the need for the gospel in the world’s largest Muslim country.

  • June 6-20, 2022 (flexible dates)
  • Leader: Jens Looney
  • Contact: jens.looney@gmail.com
  • Cost: $1,000 + airfare


Vision For China is hosting a short-term missions trip to Taiwan in the summer of 2022 for approximately 2 weeks!

  • June 2022 (flexible dates)
  • Contact: info@visonforchina.com
  • Cost: approx. $600 + airfare
  • Visit visionforchina.org for more details


Come join us in Taiwan, hear testimonies from new Christians and help a new church plant get started!

  • 2022 (flexible dates)
  • Leader: John Walz
  • Contact: walzinchina@gmail.com
  • Cost: approx. $2000 + airfare
  • Visit chinachurchplant.com for more details


The United Kingdom

You will see the need in the United Kingdom and get directly involved in gospel ministry!

  • June 13-22, 2022
  • Leaders: Sam Quinn, Travis Snode
  • Contact: jsquinn75@gmail.com
  • Cost: $1500 + airfare



Experience church-planting in the unique, culturally diverse city of Miami, Florida!

  • June 14-28, 2022
  • Leader: Daniel Sparks
  • Contact: danielwaynesparks@gmail.com
  • Cost: $350 (airfare/travel not included; extra cost for lodging if not staying with the Sparks family)
  • Visit faithhopelove.world for more details

New York City

Come minister in the largest, most diverse city in America! Help in the outreach opportunities of a new church plant and make an impact for eternity!

  • June 22-26, 2022
  • Leader: Jon Canavan
  • Contact: jon@reachingnyc.com
  • Cost: approx. $500 (includes airfare, meals, lodging, travel)
  • Visit reachingnyc.com/trips for more details
  • *Internships available for 1-4 weeks. Youth group trips available for 5-10 days.



Come experience the mission field in two of the largest cities in Argentina! Learn first-hand about life on the foreign field as you help in the early stages of a church plant and see the gospel need around Buenos Aires and Rosario. You’ll also get to see what God can do through the lives of His surrendered servants.

  • June 10-20, 2022
  • Leaders: Patrick Henry, Shawn Bateman, Stephen Underwood
  • Contact: sunderwood52@gmail.com
  • Cost: approx. $2800


Come visit one of South America’s most diverse countries! Bolivia is rich in culture and steeped in religion. On this trip, you will help with the outreach efforts of a new church plant and see many opportunities for the gospel to be shared in Bolivia.

  • June 24-30, 2022 (flexible dates)
  • Leader: Kevin White
  • Contact: ktwbmw73@gmail.com
  • Cost: approx. $1700


Join us for a mission’s internship in Chile! For one month, you will have the opportunity to learn and be directly involved in gospel ministry on the mission field of Santiago, Chile. You will receive hands-on training and practical experience from a team of church-planting missionaries and national pastors. This trip will open your eyes to God’s unfinished work in Latin America!

  • June 20 – July 25, 2022
  • Leaders: Jason Holt, Stephen Carrier, Tracy Paver, Kyle Shreve
  • Contact: stephencarrier44@gmail.com
  • Cost: $2000 + airfare
  • Visit connectchile.org for more details


Come & See Colombia! You’ll see the gospel need in Medellin as well as in several other Colombian cities. You’ll be involved in the outreach efforts of a young church and see how God is working in this country.

  • Summer 2022 (flexible dates)
  • Leaders: Chestley Howell, Blake Young, Miguel Sanabria
  • Contact: info@comeseecolombia.com
  • Cost: $1,200 + airfare
  • Visit comeseecolombia.com for more details


If you would like to gain life-changing experiences, form cross-cultural friendships, visit a big city and serve in various churches and church-plants, then this is the trip for you! Experience the mission field of Mexico and see how God is working!

  • Summer 2022 (flexible dates)
  • Leader: Jonathan Anderson
  • Contact: projectwinmexico@gmail.com
  • Cost: approx. $1000
  • Visit projectwinmexico.com for more details


Come visit a thriving, well-developed ministry in South America. See churches filled with people of all ages, a Bible college, a massive city and the continuing need for the gospel. We hope you join us for this opportunity. We know that God can use this trip to expand and grow your view of missions. You will never forget your time in Arequipa, Peru!

  • 2022 (flexible dates)
  • Leaders: Peru Ministry Team
  • Contact: laurentoperu@gmail.com
  • Cost: $1800