Come and see what Christ is doing in the birthplace of voodoo and what is known as the devils stronghold. Come and meet lives that have been radically transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Dates: Flexible
  • Cost: $1000-$2000
  • Contact: reachingwestafricaforchrist@gmail.com

South Africa

You will travel from Atlanta to Port Elizabeth, South Africa to work with a team of church planting missionaries and also be able to participate in the ministries of Camp Rhino. We look forward to serving you.

  • Dates: June 24th-July 8th
  • Cost: $1000 + airfare
  • missionarycoffey@gmail.com



    Vision For China is hosting a short-term missions trip, the “Goforth China Tour”, in the summer of 2024!


    Come see the largest Muslim country in the world! You will travel to the island of Java, the heart of Indonesia. On this trip, you will help in the outreach of a new church plant while seeing the condition of the world’s largest Muslim country.

    • Dates: July 2024 (approx. 2 weeks)
    • Cost: $800 + airfare
    • Contact: Josh Ewing | josh@reachingindonesia.com


    God is working in Asia! Come and see what He is doing on the island of Taiwan. We have many summer outreaches for you to serve in! Use your English and help us reach out to the community.

    • Dates: Summer 2024 (approx. 10 days)
    • Cost: $600 + airfare
    • Contact: smittybox@icloud.com

    Taiwan – Taichung City

    Come help out a baby church plant just getting started. Walk through the city, and see temple after temple filled with idols and souls that are blinded by a lie. You will learn what the Christians in Taiwan are doing to obey Christ’s command to make disciples and how you can too.

    • Dates: Contact leader
    • Cost: $2,200 + airfare
    • Contact: Adam Walz | reachingtaiwan@gmail.com


    The United Kingdom

    On the UK Trip, not only will you see the need in Europe, but you will also be able to get directly involved in gospel ministry.

    Dates: June 10-19, 2024

    Cost: $1500 + airfare

    Contact: Travis Snode and Sam Quinn | jsquinn75@gmail.com


    Relighting the Candles Vision Tour

    Would you like to walk where Paul once walked and visit the Seven churches of Revelation? How about helping out in church plants in a majority Muslim country? Join us next summer on the Relighting the Candles Vision Tour.

    • Dates: June/July 2024
    • Cost: $2500
    • Contact: brady@truthtoturkey.com | truthtoturkey.com/missionstrip


    New York City

    Come minister in the largest, most diverse city in America! See the sights and get a heart for the need in this great city. Get involved in helping two new church plants as they evangelize in multi-ethnic communities in NYC.

    • Dates: Flexible
    • Cost: $1,395 + airfare
    • Contact: Jon Canavan | reachingnyc@gmail.com

    World’s Cheapest Missions Trip

    If you don’t have a passport and can’t afford a trip overseas, consider the World’s Cheapest Missions Trip. This week will change your life!



    Buenos Aire

    See the opportunity of the gospel to be declared in Argentina, as well as a vision of what God can do through the lives of families surrendering to serve Jesus!

    • Leaders:  Patrick Henry
    • Contact at info@visionmissions.com for more information or questions!
    • Dates: June 10-20, 2024
    • Cost: $2800


    Come visit one of South America’s most diverse countries that is rich in culture and steeped in religion. On this trip you will be able to help in a new church plant, evangelism and other opportunities.

    • Leaders: Kevin White, Andrew Wilder
    • Contact: ktwbmw73@gmail.com
    • Cost: $2000
    • Dates: July 8-15, 2024


      In Chile, you’ll be able to pray over the city from the tallest building in Latin America, take part in several outreach ministries with both children and adults, and get a great taste of Latin American culture every moment you’re here. We’ll also have fun activities such as snow tubing in the Andes and visiting port cities Valparaíso and Viña Del Mar. Come see what great things God is doing in Chile, and how you can be a part!


      The beautiful mountains and valleys of Colombia are filled with more than 50 million people, most still without hope. Come help us get the Gospel to them.

      • Date: June 24 – July 1, 2024
      • Cost: $1300 + Airfare
      • Leaders: Chestley Howell | Blake Young | Miguel Sanabria 
      • Contact: www.ComeSeeColombia.com


      Plan your next missions trip and see the great need in places like Mexico City, Toluca, where we are currently working and continue to start new churches! Contact us today! Don’t forget the yummy tacos as well! 

      • Date: June – September, 2024
      • Cost: $1,500
      • Leader: Jonathan Anderson 
      • Contact: projectwinmexico@gmail.com
      • Website: projectwinmexico.com


      Join us this summer to have your life changed by experiencing the great need for the Gospel in the city of Arequipa! You will have the opportunity to visit a thriving ministry where God has done great things. You will be directly involved in the ministry and receive hands-on training. We are flexible with dates for your visit! For more info, please reach out to the Peru Ministry team!