Who Will Go to the 9 Million in Serbia?

Who Will Go to the 9 Million in Serbia?

After World War 2, the Soviets took over Serbia and combined several countries into what was called Yugoslavia. In the 90s, parts of Yugoslavia broke away and the country was reformed as Serbia and Montenegro. Finally, in 2006, Serbia became its own independent country again.

Serbia is completely landlocked and surrounded by the countries of Bosnia, Hungary, Romania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bulgaria. Sadly, the country is filled with darkness. It is a country that claims to be around 90% Christian, but most of these are Serbian Orthodox or Roman Catholic. Operation World puts the number of evangelicals at less than 2%. Also, 3% of the population are Muslim and that number continues to grow as many refugees spread across Europe.

Serbia is home to one of the largest Orthodox Cathedrals in Europe. Sadly, there is little gospel witness in the country. After suffered under Communism for many years, the doors of Serbia are now open to the gospel. Who will give their lives and take the gospel to Serbia?

Other Facts about Serbia

  • Population: 9 million (including Kosovo)
  • Capital: Belgrade (1.7 million)
  • Language: Serbian
  • One of the most famous inventors and brilliant minds of our times, Nicola Tesla, is from Serbia. He was known for his work with electricity as well as many other inventions that were truly ahead of their time.
  • If you like raspberries there is a good chance they came from Serbia. Almost 95% of the raspberries consumed by the world come from Serbia!
  • Although when people think about clocks they may think of the Swiss, you should think of Serbia. Serbia was making clocks 600 years before the Swiss and continue to produce many beautiful clocks to this day.
  • If you like cheese, the world’s most expensive cheese is produced in Serbia.

Will you join us in praying for laborers for Serbia? Will you give your life to take the gospel to the people of Serbia? 

A Christian Response to Muslims

A Christian Response to Muslims

A Christian Response to Muslims

So, for the past several articles you have read about Islam and its great need of the gospel. With Islam spreading all around the world and continuing to grow, what should our response be to Islam and Muslims. Here are a few things we, as Christians, must do in response to Muslims all around us:

  1. Pray for them—Pray each and every day for them. Pray that God will work in their hearts and lives and save them. Pray that God will send laborers into the Muslim world to reach it with the gospel. Pray that God will open doors not only into the Muslim hearts but into the Muslim world.
  2. Befriend them— In almost any city and place you will find Muslims. Many Christians try to avoid them and don’t talk with them. I would tell you, that is not a Christian response. Rather, we should go out and befriend them! Get to know them and let them get to know you. This will open doors for you that were closed before. This will also allow to them to see what true Christianity is all about.
  3. Love them— This world is filled with hate. Many Christians are prejudiced towards Muslims because what a few of them have done all around the world. That is the wrong response. A Christian should never respond with hate. A Christian should respond with love. Show them love and love them even when they don’t deserve it. Because guess what, God loves you and loved you when you were in your sins. By loving them and showing them love, you will show them the heart and mind of Christ!
  4. Include them— Don’t exclude them from events or activities rather, include them! Invite them to events at your church. Invite them to church services. Include them in things that you are doing and allow them to really get to know you!
  5. Witness to them— After doing all these things you can build a great relationship with them which can open doors to give the gospel to them! Be open to share the Bible with them, study it with them and point them to Christ. You do not have to have crazy strategies to give them the gospel, just point them to Christ and what He did for them. Let the power of the gospel work in their hearts and lives. Give them the gospel! They must know of the love of Christ and their eternal destination without Christ! We must be witnessing to Muslims in a loving non-confrontational way or they will not listen to us!

Christians should have these responses when it comes to Muslims and Islam. We must pray, befriend, love, include and witness to them! We must be doing everything we can to point them to Christ and share with them the love of Christ! Do not hate Muslims and say they deserve hell. Rather, let us show them Christ and how He died for them just as much as He died for us! Let’s respond to Muslims as Christians ought to respond with the love of Christ!

Who will go to the 10 million in Azerbaijan?

Who will go to the 10 million in Azerbaijan?


You may be wondering where Azerbaijan even is. Most people may not know or have heard of Azerbaijan. It is surrounded by Armenia, Russia, Iran and the Caspian Sea. Although in Central Asia, it is a Eurasian country and has many associations with Europe. Hopefully, while reading this article, you will learn more about Azerbaijan and its need for the Gospel!

The language of Azerbaijan is Azeri and is actually very similar to the Turkish language. Many of the customs and cultures in Azerbaijan also have similarities to Turkey. It is a country of immense beauty and the capital city is known for its beautiful and unique architecture. 

For a long period of time it was under the Soviet Union but then in 1991, it won its independence. Its borders are sometimes disputed and in recent months there have been fightings between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The country is majority Muslim, with around 92% of the population claiming to be Muslim. Sadly, there is little Gospel witness in the country. The doors are open for the Gospel in Azerbaijan, but few are willing to go. Will you join us in praying for laborers for Azerbaijan and for Azerbaijan to be reached with the Gospel in this generation. Will you consider giving your life to take the Gospel to the people of Azerbaijan?

Some facts about Azerbaijan:

Capital: Baku

Population: 10.1 million

Language: Azeri

  • Azerbaijan has the most mud volcanoes in the world with over 400 that from time to time will explode.
  • They have a city that is built on stilts in the Caspian Sea. Neft Daşları started as an oil rig and then shops and houses started to pop up around it and now it is a complete city on stilts.
  • The horses from Azerbaijan are one of the oldest breeds in the world. They are renowned and loved in Azerbaijan.
  • Its capital city, Baku, is home to the Armwrestling Federation. So, if in the city, be prepared to find people who will want to arm wrestle with you.
  • Although Azeri is the language, many people know and speak Russian. 
  • Similar to Turkey, they love to drink tea, but they will sweeten their tea with jams!
  • It had the first oil rig drilled to it in the world and to this day its major exports are oil and natural gas.

We hope you will join us in praying for Azerbaijan to be reached with the Gospel. 

Passcode to the Missionary Problem: The Need of Prayer

Passcode to the Missionary Problem: The Need of Prayer

The Need of Prayer

As you have read through and seen the great need in the world, it should motivate us to do something. One of the most important things that should be done is prayer. What we lack today, in churches and in Christians, is a true spirit of prayer. We pray for the sick and for our personal needs, but do we ever pray for the needs of the world? Do we ever really pray for the heartbeat of God—For the world to truly be reached with the gospel? One of the biggest problems with Christians and churches is the lack of true prayer. Oh, yes, we may pray for our food once in a while, but when is the last time you spent more than five minutes in a quick prayer for things you needed? When is the last time you cried out to God for the needs of the world, for the needs of missionaries all around the world? In this day and age, we need a call to prayer. As devout Muslims, they commit to pray 5 times a day. This takes sacrifice from them and discipline. But we, as Christians, can hardly pray once a day. Why not commit and sacrifice to spend time praying? The reason missions has gone forth so slowly over the past generations is that prayers have been so shallow at home. If we got serious about our prayers, and prayed not just to get it done, but prayed to see a change and move of God in this world, then would we not also, be moved to give and to put feet to our prayers? You see, as you earnestly pray for things, you desire to see them answered even if that requires sacrifice from you. So, if we got serious about praying for the evangelization of the world, Christians would then get serious about giving to help meet the needs all around the world! If we would be doing what we should, in prayer, we could see a 100 times more done for the sake of missions all around the world! The foreign missions movement was born in prayer, and prayer is the vital breath that it lives by, but because of our shallow prayer life, we have yet to see what God could really do if we took seriously the praying for missions and getting the gospel all around the world! 

We must be aroused, as Christians and as churches, to pray for more laborers. We must be willing to pray that God would empower and embolden those already on the field. We must pray that God’s word would spread and the harvest of souls would be reaped all around the world. If we would get serious about praying, we could see the world shaken with the gospel and the forward movement of missions! 

Who Will Go to the 10.7 Million in Czechia?

Who Will Go to the 10.7 Million in Czechia?


You may have seen the title and thought, “Czechia? I have never heard of that country in my life.”  Well, you may know it by another name which is the Czech Republic, but it is actually referred to and known as Czechia. You may not know much about Czechia but hopefully, as you read this article, you will find our more. Before becoming the Czech Republic it was Czechoslovakia, but in 1993 Slovakia and the Czech Republic split peacefully and since 2016 it has been known as Czechia. 

What is sad about Czechia is it is a very irreligious country, with about a third of the population claiming to be atheist and many others not declaring a religion or saying there are irreligious. Only about 19% of the population would even believe there is a God. What is sad about this is it is the place where the Moravians began. The Moravians were a group of Christians that took getting the Gospel to the world seriously and sent men and women all around the world to share the Gospel. Today there is little to no remnant of true Christianity in the country. There is a great need for church planters and churches to be planted and men to be trained in Czechia. Will you join us in praying for Czechia to be reached with the Gospel in this generation? Will you consider giving your life to take the Gospel to the country of Czechia?

Here are some facts about Czechia:

Population: 10.7 million

Capital and Largest City: Prague (2.7 million people)

Language: Czech

  • Czechia is home to the most castles in all of Europe, with over 2000 castles.
  • It is also home to the largest castle in all of Europe, the Prague castle.
  • One of people’s favorite past times is hunting mushrooms and then cooking and eating them.
  • It is home to the oldest university in the world. The Charles University was founded in 1348 and is still open today.
  • Close to 90% of the population have some form of college education, making it a well educated country.

Join us in praying for Czechia to be reached with the Gospel!