The World Evangelism Fellowship is an annual meeting of pastors, missionaries, and church members for purpose of collaborating about world evangelism. The event will be take place on Tuesday, November 8, at Vision Baptist Missions. This year, we are very excited to have Dr. Charles Keen, Bro. Walter Stevens, and Dr. Jim Roberts III speaking for us. Below is a bit more about each of them.


Dr. Charles Keen pastored First Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio for thirty-five years. The Lord greatly blessed the church under his ministry. He and two other men started the Bearing Precious Seed (BPS) ministry in 1973. In 1999, Dr. Keen resigned as pastor and began First Bible International with the express purpose of getting the Bible to the unreached people groups of the world. He has authored three books, Thinking Outside the Box, He is Worthy, and They Are Still Waiting. We are honored that he would attend the world evangelism fellowship, and we’re very excited to hear what God has laid on his heart.


Bro. Walter Stevens is a fourth-generation gypsy. Disillusioned and disenchanted with life, God saved him as an adult and called him into the ministry. Since 1989, he has been a missionary to the gypsy people, serving for many years in Eastern Europe. Bro. Stevens is currently the president of Roma Outreach Missions Association in Bradenton, Florida. We believe that you will really enjoy hearing from Bro. Stevens as he shares his passion for God and his experiences in missionary service.


Jim Robert’s life has been quite a journey. He grew up in Six Mile, South Carolina, enlisted in the Marines, then went as a missionary to Scotland. God then called him to pastor Mile Creek Baptist Church in South Carolina for 25 years. In 2013, God led Jim and his wife Sandy back into missions. Dr. Jim now serves as the Voice in the Villages Representative for India with Vision Baptist Missions and the North America Representative. We look forward to the perspective Dr Jim will give as a pastor, missionary, and father of a missionary as well.