OGTC Fall Pics

We’re grateful for the students (2 missing in pic) God has sent us. Please help us pray for future students. 

First pic is of students, second is students with home office staff, and last is home office staff (missing Teri).

Another Excellent Friday Missions Class

Every Friday we have a Missions Class for anyone in and around our ministry. These are great times of learning from people who are experienced in ministry and have many great insights to share.

Great Training Intensive Course

Last Thursday and Friday we had a very good time in the Training Intensive. These events have been designed to be a help to interns, deputation, and furlough guys. It’s approximately 12 hours (including missions class on Fridays) of multiple teachers on various subjects. Thank you to those who have taught in the last two courses, and those that have attended. Below are some pictures of this last one.

    Abide Women’s Conference – February 17, 2024

    Join us for a refreshing time together! Please email info@visionmissions.com if you are interested in being a part. RSVP by February 5th. Pay with cash at the door or bring a check made out to Vision Baptist Missions, Inc. and memoed Abide Conference.

    Hope to see you there!

    Stay Filled

    “And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about.” — Luke 4:14 

    In verse one of the chapter, Jesus was “full of the Holy Ghost.” It was at that time that the devil began tempting Him. Three times the devil tempted, and three times our Lord responded with Scripture. The victory was won, and the devil departed “for a season” (vs. 13). Interestingly, the devil uses the same style today: twisting Scripture, trying to find what appeals to man’s ego and pleasure, and leaving for a season, meaning he’s going to return with his bag of wicked tricks. 

    My attention is drawn to the fact that Jesus was filled with the Spirit before the temptation but still “in the power” after the temptation. It makes sense that He was filled before the temptation because He had been fasting and setting aside alone time with God. Yet being filled after the temptation is most interesting to me. Though the devil is relentless, we don’t have to fall into temptation and feel miserable afterward. We can have victory, and be filled with the Spirit, even after the devil tries to work us over. You don’t have to fall, you can stay filled!