Updates From Interns

We are excited that the Lord is sending out young people from the Our Generation Training Center to internships around the country and the world. Please pray for them as the Lord uses them during their internships, but also pray as they make many decisions about the future of service to the Lord on the mission field.

If you are interested in getting training to be a missionary or just want to know more about the OGTC, click here: https://visionmissions.org/ogtc/

Latest Blessings

Our faithful God has been blessing a lot lately. We have a great staff, open doors, good news from multiple fields, prospective missionaries, and so much more. Allow me to share some of the latest blessings within the last few weeks:

  1. Giving towards missions is up from last year.
  2. There are several families interested in becoming missionaries, as well as, much interest by young people for the fall semester of the OGTC.
  3. The Lord is already bringing a lot of interest to upcoming events for this year.

Praise the Lord for a great start to the year!

New OGTC Video!

We are excited about the release of a new video about the Our Generation Training Center. Check it out and pray that the Lord will use this to send more missionaries in to His harvest.

Doing Right though Hard Times

(another lesson from my recent class on Acts in OGTC)

Acts 16:19-40

Paul and Silas were proclaiming the Gospel and seeing people saved, and their efforts made evil men very upset. They were beat and thrown in prison, not for any wrongdoing, but because they were serving the Lord. This throws quite the wrench into the “prosperity gospel” philosophy, but it is a clear fact that it will not always be easy serving the Lord. My attention is drawn to the fact that they do not become mad or bitter at God for their mistreatment, in fact, they still do right even in the hard times. Here are a few principles from this passage:

  1. Will Not Always Be Easy. 

Christ told His disciples that “In the world ye shall have tribulation” (John 16:33), and Paul told Timothy that “all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” (2 Timothy 3:12). Doing right is not the easiest way, but it’s always the best way. What is easy is not always right, and what is right is not always easy.

  1. Stay Encouraged.

Though they were beaten and now locked up in prison, they still “sang praises unto God” (vs. 25). If your eyes are on God and not your problems, you will always have a reason to sing. Times might be tough, but the command remains to “Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.” (Philippians 4:4). No matter the trials you find yourself in, you can “count it all joy” (James 1:2). Keep your eyes on the Savior and not on your circumstances!

  1. The Reward Comes Later.

It’s wonderful seeing fruit (people saved, Christians growing, lives improving, property purchased, new ministry starting, etc.), but fruit isn’t always visible on our timetable. Sometimes God allows His servants to see fruit, but sometimes it’s under the surface. This is not easy, and many times we wrongly identify ourselves with the fruit. The fruit is to belong to God, for His glory, not ours. This is one of the greatest temptations, in my opinion, for God’s servants.

Whether the fruit is visible or not, or immediate or not, fruit always comes after the work. The plant doesn’t grow before the seed is planted. The reward will come after. This tells us that firstly, God is in charge of the increase, and secondly, we must plant and water if we expect the reward. If we give up before time, we may never see the fruit/reward (Galatians 6:9).

Paul and Silas initially did right, and then maintained the right attitude when going through this difficult time. Because they continued doing right, “the prisoners heard them” (vs. 25). There’s always others watching your life, especially when you’re going through hard times (it’s the test to see if you will live what you preach). And now, because of their example, they were able to see the jailer and his family saved. If they would’ve gotten mad, quit preaching, denied when caught, or kept silent, they would’ve not seen the reward. Continue on, dear servants, for the reward always comes after the labor, and in the time the Lord deems right.

Stephen and Leslie Carrier - Chile

One of the greatest blessings God gave me was the privilege of growing up in a Christian home where I was taught the truths of His Word from an early age. When I was six, I accepted Christ as my Savior after family devotions one night. I realized that I had sinned against God and needed His forgiveness, and that only Jesus Christ could save me from my sin. I was soon baptized by immersion at my home church, Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church.

Upon graduating high school, I entered the university seeking a secular degree, but God began to work on my heart about knowing Him more and living a Christian life that would not be wasted. I began to read my Bible more and pray. As I was reading Shadow of the Almighty, a book about missionary martyr Jim Elliot, along with my Bible, I knew God was calling me to missions. I knew He was telling me to do something with my life that would have an eternal impact. I had wanted to be President of the United States, but He worked in my life so heavily I couldn’t help but surrender to Him. I left the university and proceeded to study at Crown College in Powell, Tennessee, before graduating with a degree in Missions in 2016.

After graduation, I came back to my home church and helped start a Spanish ministry there until August of 2017, when God opened the door for me to go to Santiago, Chile, for six months on a missionary internship. I got to visit other countries as well, but it was while in Chile that I knew God wanted me to return to this country with the gospel. He knit my heart with the hearts of the Chileans in such a way that I cannot describe.

When I returned to America, I went to Georgia to join myself with Vision Baptist Missions and met my wife, Leslie. She had grown up in a Christian home, was saved as an eight-year-old girl, and was studying at the Our Generation Training Center to be a missionary. She had wanted to be a missionary ever since she was thirteen. As we were getting to know one another, she said, “I’ll go anywhere my husband goes, but if I could choose, I would go to a Spanish-speaking country because I love the culture in those countries.” It turns out I had the perfect country for her! We united in marriage in January of 2019 and have loved serving the Lord together on the mission field of Chile. 

God has given us a great burden and love for Chile that we cannot explain. We are so excited to plant churches and train other men and women to fulfill the Great Commission as well.


I’m Leslie Carrier. I was raised in a Christian home and I was saved as a young girl. I realized that I needed a Savior and I put my faith and trust in Jesus to be my Savior. I was baptized by immersion by my daddy shortly after that. I’ve been at the same church all my life, and growing up, I always heard about and saw missions. When I was thirteen, I surrendered my life to be a missionary because one night a missionary came to our church and showed a slide show with faces all over it. And he asked a question to the people, “These people will die and go to hell if they don’t hear the gospel. So what are you going to do about it?” I felt the Lord speaking to me, and I said, “Jesus, I’ll go.”

Growing up, I saw my daddy taking missions trips all over the world, and I always wanted to go but never could until I was seventeen. My first mission trip I was able to take was with him, and we went to Costa Rica and did a Vacation Bible School.

I always knew I wanted to be a missionary, but getting to see those people and the need there broke my heart and re-affirmed that I was meant to go to the mission field.

I graduated high school and was originally going to be a nurse to help in medical missions, but I realized how long nursing school would take, so I decided to pursue the missions side of things before nursing in order to get training. I ended up going to Hot Springs, Arkansas, to go to Champion Christian College for missions. I was there a year, but then God led me back to Georgia, which is where I heard about the Our Generation Training Center. I went to an event they had after Christmas every year called the Summit. It was there that God opened my eyes that this is where I needed to be, because I saw people who loved the Lord and wanted to see our world turned upside down for the gospel in our generation. They had a plan to do it. I saw their love for people, their heart for the world, and the genuineness of their love for Christ. I saw their dedication to going. I saw that they were walking the walk, not just talking the talk. They were actually doing something. I got to hear from missionaries and their wives and was influenced by their stories, and I said, “I want to be one of these ladies. I want to do my part in world evangelism.” I knew that if I went to the OGTC, I could learn how.

I went in April of 2017 and met my husband Stephen a year later during my training there. We were married nine months later and have loved serving the Lord on the mission field.

Upcoming Events

Prayerfully consider joining us for one of the upcoming events this year. Whether a mission trip to a foreign country or the World’s Cheapest Mission Trip right here in the Atlanta area, there is something for you that will bless you and change your life. Click here for more information: https://visionmissions.org/events/