Newest Missionary Family!!!

We are thrilled to have accepted Tyler & Brianna Chandler as our newest missionaries, going to Brazil!!! Below are their testimonies: 


    I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home, my parents were members of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Logan, Ohio. When I was 7, after service on a Wednesday night, I was scared to go to sleep because I knew that I needed Jesus as my Savior. So that night, my mom sat down with me and showed me how I can know Jesus. Later in my teen years I realized that I needed a better walk with God and grew closer with Him. I have grown so close with the Lord and grown to really want to serve Him with my life. 


    I never grew up in church, I always thought that being a good person was what got you to heaven. I met my wife in 2015 and after we dated for a year I decided I wanted to marry her. I went to her mom and dad to ask for their blessing to marry her. They wanted us to do marriage counseling with our pastor, so I agreed to sit down with him. The first week, my pastor shared with me what it meant to be saved and what it would look like to be a Christian. We left that night and I didn’t say much on the ride home because all I could do is think about what was just shared with me. I continued to think about this over the next week. The next week at our meeting we sat down with our pastor. After asking a few questions I accepted Jesus as my Savior July 25, 2017. Since then God gave me a burden to preach and a burden for souls.

Golf Tournament

We had a good turnout for the 3rd annual golf tournament. After playing, the majority of the golfers came to our campus for an awards banquet. It went very well, and everyone seemed to have a great time.

The proceeds from the tournament will be used for campus improvements. We will hopefully have a total by the end of this week. 

Great Graduation

The Lord gave us a great commencement service on Friday night! There were 15 graduates, two of whom were not able to be present (one sick and one overseas). Shawn Bateman was our guest speaker, and the message was exactly what we needed. Each graduate did great on their testimony. We had a good group of friends and family and a wonderful spirit. Praise the Lord for what God is doing in our midst!!

Module Glass with Jason Holt

Youth For the Gospel - May 25th, Eaton, OH

Our next Youth for the Gospel is May 25 in Eaton, OH. You can see the full list below. Join us for one of these great events. Click here for more information: 


  1. May 25 —Eaton, OH — First Baptist Church
  2. August 17 — Central, SC — Camp Creek Baptist Church
  3. September 14 — Calhoun, GA — Philadelphia Baptist Church
  4. September 21 — Bronx (NY City), NY — Living Hope Baptist Church
  5. September 28 — Knoxville, TN — Southside Baptist Church
  6. October 12 — St. Cloud, FL — Eastern Avenue Baptist Church
  7. October 26 — Dalton, GA — Whitfield Baptist Church

Missionary Highlight - Mitch & Jacqulyn McCormack

This section is so you can learn more about (or be reminded of) VBM missionaries serving around the world. We will be working in alphabetical order, and the next missionary is Mitch & Jacqulyn McCormack.

Mitch’s testimony: I was born and raised in the small town of Banning, California. I was privileged to be surrounded by a Christian family, and I was in church my entire life. When I was five years old, I sat down at the edge of my bed with my father and asked Jesus into my heart. It was not until high school that I realized that my decision would mean making hard choices that honored God. Although my friends decided to abandon their roots, I dedicated my life to the Lord, and I decided to attend Pensacola Christian College. The more I read my Bible and grew in the Lord, the more I realized that the world so desperately needed the gospel. I went to mission prayer band at my college and heard dozens of missionaries give their testimonies. After much prayer, I believed God was calling me to the mission field. God later confirmed my desire when I took a trip to Perú. 

Jacqulyn’s testimony: I had the privilege of growing up at Faith Baptist Church in Canoga Park, California, with my uncle, Tim Rasmussen, as pastor and with my parents as the principals of the Christian school. At the age of five I prayed a prayer after hearing a message on hell, but for the following ten years I lived in doubt and fear. Finally, on December 31, 2008, I was looking over my New Year’s resolutions from the previous year, and I knew something had to change. That evening I accepted Christ as my personal Savior! The following year I took my first missions trip to Haiti, and that is when I knew I had to go. I had to give my life so that others could hear the Gospel.

Global Impact Report

Our God is good! Praise the Lord, our Global Impact Report for 2023 is published. Rejoice with us in all the ways that God has used our missionary team to see His Kingdom grow. Thank you for your support. We would not be able to do it without you.

New OGTC Catalog

Take a look at our new OGTC Catalog!