The New Key to the Missionary Problem: Using Organizations to Motivate

In most churches, today,  there are organizations for everything. People are a part of some group or club. Why can’t we tap into these organizations and push the need for missions. Why can’t we create organizations in the church for the purpose of promoting missions in the church. We have the tools at our disposal already. Why aren’t  we using them to help fix the missionary problem in the world today? Let’s look at some ways our churches can use organizations to promote missions.

  1. Sunday School— Sunday School, small groups, Bible studies, life groups the list goes on, but it is all still the same. Many churches still have some form of Bible teaching that would be called Sunday School or whatever your church chooses to call it. This is such a great opportunity to mobilize and talk about the need for missions. Get each class interested in missionaries, countries and needs around the world. Each class could even take mission trips together! What a great way to show the need around the world! By using Sunday School, we can use an organization that is, largely, still in most churches to promote and raise up people towards missions. If your church doesn’t have a Sunday School, why not start it back up and use it as not only a means to evangelize and grow your church, but also, to help show the need of the gospel in the world?
  2. Kids’ clubs— Most churches have some sort of kids’ program they run each week. Why aren’t we taking the time to talk to kids about the purpose of the church and the need for laborers to give their lives to missions! You could even keep the same program you are currently using but add time or places where you talk about missionaries, missions, countries and the need of the gospel in the world! Or maybe someone could create a kids’ program that is totally focused on missions! We could use this to help kids not only see the need in the world, but also see that God could use them to get the gospel to people who have never heard!
  3. Teen group— Again, another organization in the church we could use to mobilize more missionaries is the teen group. Today, these have become more about fun and games and teaching kids to be moral than about discipling teens to give their lives to Christ. What if we changed from just social issues and games to including and promoting missions in our teen groups! What if it was at the forefront of everything your youth group did? As these young people saw missions and the command to go and the need for people to go, they would be compelled to give their lives to missions. But too often, we are just trying to help kids become faithful-attending and giving adults, rather than helping to solve the great missionary problem in the world today.
  4. Prayer Bands— Why can’t churches create missions prayer bands?These are groups that get together to pray for missionaries that the church supports, as well as, praying over the countries of the world. What a great way to help put missions at the forefront of your people!
  5. Mission organizations— Why also, couldn’t churches create a missions organization in their church that their whole purpose was to help show the need in the world and help their church send out more missionaries? What a great way to get people involved, but also help people to see the great need around the world!

In churches today, we have so many organizations and clubs. Why don’t we tap into these already existing programs and use them to help raise up more laborers and show the need to our people? Why not also start more and new organizations in churches that their whole focus is to promote world evangelism and help reach the world with the gospel? If we could rally together these organizations, we would start seeing a rise in new missionaries and the missionary problem begin to be fixed!