When I was in India I came to a realization in a strong way that even though the surface idols in India are different than those of American’s we have the same deeper heart idols. The man bowing down at the idol Ganesha has the same idol of the heart as the man in America living to make just make another dollar. As a lady in India today will worship at the foot of Vishnu today, ladies in America will spend their day overly consumed with concern for the image of their body. They both will be worshipping the same god.

While studying the book of Hosea I became more and more aware of the tendencies for idolatry in my heart. I also became more aware of the surface idols that are produced by giving my affections to anything outside of the true God. There is one surface idol that I find very common among young adults.

Christian Surface Idols: God’s Will

I believe the will of God is extremely important to the believer. I often seen the pursuit to know the will of God rooted in something other than in a desire to please the God of Heaven. Many times we want so urgently know the will of God for the future because we desire significance in the present so much.

We do not know our position in Christ so we are searching in significance in what we do! Can I remind you that if God wanted a performance from us than idol worship would not be a problem if we would could at managing our time. We could serve God and other idols if God just wanted a performance. God wants our hearts!

On the days I do not feel accepted in Christ and just don’t I feel like I just do’t measure up, I go searching. I look for anything that will bring value to my life. If I cannot find it in the present then I will look in the future.

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