Returning Supporter Access

The new donor self-service portal provides a way to manage recurring donations. By creating an account, the donations history, recurring donations, and payment methods are available to view and update.

Follow the steps below to start using the donor self-service portal. Click this link to begin.
1. Enter your email address in the white email address field
2. Click the green Get code button
3. Check your email for an email containing your security code. The email subject is Verification Code and the email is from iDonate. Check your email spam folder if you do not see the email in your inbox.
4. Copy the 6-digit code from the email and paste it into the same field where you entered your email address. The field now says ‘Enter the 6-digit code you received.
5. Click the green Go button.
6. You are now logged in to the donor self-service portal. There are 3 main sections: Recurring Donations, Payment Methods, and Recent Transactions. Only a few items are displayed in each section. Click View All at the top of each section to see the full contents of each section.2. Click the green ‘New Method’ button on the upper right
7. Set your account password by clicking the small down arrow on the upper right of the screen. Your name may appear just to the left of the arrow.
8. After clicking the arrow, click Update Profile
9. Complete the profile fields and enter your new password in the Account Password field
10. Click the green Update My Profile button
11. Logout by clicking the down arrow on the upper right and click Logout.
For future logins, you may use the same link, Click Login underneath the white Email address field. Enter your email address and password and click Login.

To change the credit card used for a donation
1. Add the new credit card by clicking ‘View All’ beside Payment Methods

2. Click the green ‘New Method’ button on the upper right
3. Click ‘Add Credit Card’ or ‘Add Bank Account’ for the type of payment method added

4. Enter the card or bank account information
5. Click ‘Add My Card Info’ or ‘Add My Bank Info’ depending on which method is added
6. Click ‘Back’ on the upper right to back to the Main Menu
7. Click ‘View All’ beside Recurring Donations

8. Click on the recurring donation you want to change

9. Use the ‘Payment Method’ drop down to select the new payment method

10. Click ‘Save Changes’

To update an existing card used for a donation
1. Click View All at the top of the Payment Methods section
2. Click on the payment method you want to update
3. Enter the card number, expiration date and cvv (all fields must be entered)
4. Click Update My Card Info