The Missionary Problem is a Personal One! Every Believer, a Soul Winner!

Up to this point, you may have been reading and thinking there is a great need in the world, but nothing has changed. Maybe you have been thinking of others and churches, but not yourself. Well, today it becomes personal. If we stop looking at others and take world evangelism personally, we can see a great change. Our watchword in each and every church needs to be,  “Every believer, a soul winner!” If we would get serious and make reaching the world personal, we would see a change! If you went out and won one person to Christ within a year and then you went out and both of you won one person to Christ, within 35 years the whole world would be reached with the gospel. But it starts with us taking soul winning personally. If we take serious, the command of God and realize that it is our job to reach the world with the gospel we can and would see the world reached! Let’s look over the next few articles about how we can implement “Every believer, a soul winner!”