The Moravians

 The Moravians are one the the most striking examples of a group and individuals with a great interest in world evangelism. If we, as churches today, would give and go like them, we could see a vast fortune given for the sake of the gospel and countless numbers of people giving their lives to go! The battle cry of the Moravians was “ To win for the Lamb that was slain, the reward  of His suffering.” This is what spurred them on to reach the world with the gospel. They made the missionary problem a personal one, but oh, if today we would make the missionary problem a personal one! If we could fill the hearts of people with a personal love for the Saviour that died for them, we would see the indifference in Christianity disappear and the world reached with the gospel! The Moravian church lived their lives with Christ at the forefront and the love of Christ constraining them to give and to go! Not only was that the heart of the church, but so was prayer. There was a great calling out for God to send laborers and for revival. Oh, that we as a church would call out for God to work in our hearts and lives and that the love of Christ would constrain us! The Moravians were just a small group to start out with, but they had great faith in God. They lived their Christianity out loud where everyone who met them knew that they were  Christians. They gave more money than should have been possible for the cause of missions and sent more for the number in their group. God used them in a mighty way. May they be an example to us that if just a few would commit and give their all, God could use it in a mighty way. If we, as Christians as a whole, get on board and get our hearts right towards God, what a might move of missions we could see in this day and age!

Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission

What a man of faith was Hudson Taylor, but that can also be said of those that joined him at the China Inland Mission. He took God at His word and stepped out in faith and saw God work in great and mighty ways! They realized, though, that nothing could be done outside of the power of God, but that God’s power was available to any Christian. Meaning that not only then, but even today we can still see God’s power move in our lives to see the world reached with the gospel. The only way to really see God’s power, is through faith! Time and time again Hudson Taylor stepped out in faith to prove God in his life and time and time again he came through. Today, many Christians live in their comfort zones and never want to step out in faith, they never want to see God work in their lives, but we must, if we are to see the world reached in this generation! As Hudson Taylor studied the word of God and the needs in China, he began to see the utter helplessness and the need there greatly burdened him. If we would seriously get into the word of God and begin to look at the world through the eyes of God, a heavy burden to see the gospel all around the world would be laid upon us! Hudson Taylor realized that the missionary problem is a personal one and that if the world is to be reached with the gospel, then it can only be solved by each individual believer giving himself, personally, to the work! As Hudson Taylor gave himself fully to the work of God, he saw the power of God in his life and that gave him a great sense of faith! If we are to grow our faith we must be willing to step out and see God work in our lives and in turn, realize we serve a great God!