6 Sunday School Lessons to Prepare Your Church

Your missions conference is on the church schedule, and now you have the task of helping get your church ready for the most crucial week of the year. We, at the Center for World Evangelism, want to help you with your missions conference preparation.

We have developed six lessons for you to use in your Sunday School Class or Small Groups. Each topic was carefully chosen by a group of missionaries to help prepare the hearts and minds of your con-gregation. Our goal is to help local churches as they seek to reach the world with the gospel message.

Please feel free to download and use this material for all age groups. You will find activity sheets for kids, review papers, and lessons that are easy to teach and understand.

Lesson 1 Why Missions?

Today it is easy to fall into an ethnocentric mentality. Living in a time when there is great wealth and material gain can distort our concern for the world and missions in general. This mindset is both anti-Biblical and un-Christlike, making this a crucial topic for discussion. In this lesson, you will find four reasons why you, as a church member, should be involved in missions at your local church. 

Lesson 2 The Purpose of the Church 

The church is on earth for a reason. This lesson aims to help people understand that the Biblical purpose of the church is to evangelize the world. Each member of the body of Christ has a responsibility to share the gospel. 

Lesson 3 What is a Missionary? 

We desire to reach the world with the gospel in our generation. To accomplish this goal, local churches must produce missionaries. This lesson strives to help your church understand what a missionary is and what he does from a Biblical viewpoint. We pray that God will call people from your church to take the gospel around the world.

Lesson 4 What is My Responsibility?

Matthew 28:19-20 is a call to obedience and action. From this lesson, your members will see that everyone in the local church has an obligation to fulfill the Great Commission. As a result, we hope your church will increase their gospel witness here in America, become better senders, and, Lord willing, even become goers themselves. 

Lesson 5 The Apostle Paul 

We naturally try to imitate those we admire or want to become, such as social media influencers, athletes, musicians, and entrepreneurs. God’s Word provides Christians with a better example to follow in the apostle Paul. Your members will see the value in emulating Paul’s way of life, and in imitating him, they will learn to adopt a Biblical, missional mindset.

Lesson 6 What About Those Who Haven’t Heard? 

In exploring this topic, your church will understand what happens to those who die without hearing the gospel message. The lesson aims to increase the burden of your members for the lost and dying world that has limited access to the gospel.