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Is the OGTC Accredited?


Can women attend?

Yes, we encourage women to apply. The OGTC is for training missionaries and church-planters, and women have a vital role. We are complementarian but also believe that women should be theologically and practically trained for the ministry. Women will develop a mentorship relationship with women associated with the OGTC.

Will the OGTC accept transfer credits?

The OGTC is uniquely designed in practice and philosophy. Transfer credit will be evaluated by the OGTC Administration.

Do I need a college degree to attend?


Is the OGTC for me?

The OGTC is for you if you have a desire to be a part of God’s global plan, if you are seeking to figure out your place in world evangelism, or if you are seeking out what God has planned for your life.

Are there internships available?

Yes. All our courses are on a modular rotation, so a student desiring to come short term is able. You can indicate that you are interested in an internship on the application.

Where is the OGTC Located?

The OGTC is located at the Baptist Center for World Evangelism, 77 Hugh Stowers Road, Dawsonville, GA 30534.

What does it mean that the OGTC is “church-based”?

We believe that ministry should be done in direct connection with a local church and thus the program is designed to teach and train in that context. We require students to be involved in consistent and supervised ministry work with a local independent Baptist Church.

What does it mean that the OGTC is a mentorship program?

We model our philosophy of ministry on what Jesus did with his disciples. He spent large amounts of time with them for three years, preparing them for every situation in the ministry that they would face.

Who administrates and teaches at the OGTC?

The OGTC is the training arm of Vision Baptist Missions, Inc. The Administration is made up of VBM President, Jeff Bush; VBM General Director, Travis Snode; and OGTC DIrector, Robert Canfield. Classes are taught by OGTC Administration, OGTC Faculty, VBM Missionaries, local pastors, and visiting pastors and missionaries home on furlough.

Can I plan a visit to the OGTC?

That would be great. We would encourage you to visit on a Friday morning for a group session that lasts from 9am-12pm.