The OG Conference isn’t simply another conference, it is a gathering of Christians endeavoring to further the Gospel of Christ.

Many have found that the best thing about the OG Conference is the relationships that are established over the two days. You will have the opportunity to talk with and learn from missionaries serving all over the world.

In addition to this, you can experience fervent preaching and helpful sessions that will assist you as you seek to carry the Gospel to the world.

The OG Conference is open to all! If you want to find your place in world evangelism, the OG Conference is the conference for you. Typically we have a great mix of individuals, couples, families, and church groups attend.

January 2-4, 2020
Lake Lanier Lodge and Conference Center 7000 Lanier Islands Parkway Buford, GA 30518
$165 per person
$398 per married couple


Stephen Carrier | Missionary to Chile
Sam Wilson | Missionary to the Jews
Jeff Bush | Director of VBM
Sam Quinn | Missionary to UK
Trent Cornwell | Associate Pastor of Vision Baptist Church
Ty Pepperdine | Missionary to China
John Walz | Missionary to Taiwan
Mike Staley | Missionary to US Military
Justus Mize | Missionary to Nepal
David Gates | Missionary to Egypt
Jim Roberts | Missionary to India
Austin Gardner | Pastor of Vision Baptist Church
Austin Till | Missionary to China
Dustin Brown | Missionary to Turkey
Mitch McCormack | Missionary to Peru
Jon Canavan | Missionary to New York City
Robert Becker | Missionary to Argentina
Robert Canfield | Associate Pastor of Vision Baptist Church
Nathaniel Francis | Missionary to China
Jeff Brown | Missionary to India
Jimmy Soncco | Spanish Pastor of Vision Baptist Church