Asia is home to some of the largest countries in the world, population wise. Two countries, China and India, that reside in Asia consist of 36% of the world’s population. Another interesting fact is that 59% of the world live in Asia.

Amazingly, though, lost in the the greatness of this continent, a small island country lies off the coast of India. Maldives has a population size that is about the size of Anaheim California, 345,000 people and is the smallest country in Asia.

If you were to go directly south of India and then go a smidgen west, you would notice that there is a host of small islands in the India Ocean known as the Republic of Maldives. This country is small in area and small in population.

If you were born in Maldives, more than likely you would be practicing Islam. The official religion in Maldives is Sunni Muslim. But Maldives hasn’t always been this way. In the beginning, Hinduism has had it grip on these small islands. However, in the 3rd century BC, Buddhism played a significant part in the 1400-year-long period in which these religious beliefs both developed and flourished. Then, due to some Arabic traders crossing the Indian Ocean in the 12th century, the king of Maldives converted to Islam.

Since then, Islam has been the dominating influence and rule of the Maldives. If you believe the Bible, that means well over 2300 years of generations and thousands of people that have lived now spend eternity in torment. Even though there are only 345,000 people, they need a gospel witnesses there. They need churches to encourage and build up believers. They need men who have heard the call of God to give their lives to go to the mission field. Are you willing to make it your dream and aspiration to give hope to a hopeless people who have had little light for centuries?