Misconceptions Christians Portray about Muslims

Many times Christians have misconceptions about Muslims. My question to you is when you first hear the word Muslim what comes to mind? Those thoughts would be your conceptions and ideas about Muslims, but today I would like to clear up common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

  1. All Muslims are terrorists— This is a very common misconception. The truth is not all Muslims are terrorists. Actually very few would be considered a terrorist. They are a minority that take the spotlight and so people end up assuming all Muslims are terrorists. I have many Muslim friends and know many Muslims and all of them hate that everyone looks at them and equates them to a terrorist. Why don’t we as Christians stop stereotyping Muslims and start loving them and showing them the love of Christ?
  2. All Muslims want to kill and destroy all Christians— Again another misconception that gets portrayed by the media and a small percentage of Muslims. Most Muslims do not care or mind what religion you are as long as you leave them to theirs. Actually, in the Koran you can find where it tells Muslims that their greatest friends would be Christians. So stop thinking that just because you know or saw a Muslim they are going to kill you. Why don’t we instead look at them in love and take the gospel to them?
  3. Taking the gospel to the Muslims means you will be martyred— Many people think that if you go to evangelize Muslims overseas that you are already going to be martyred before you even land in the country. Although it is a possibility, it is another misconception. Stop thinking going to a Muslim country is a death sentence. And anyways if it is, technically, as Christians we died and Christ lives in us so what does it matter if they kill us? They need the gospel and we must be willing to go no matter the cost.
  4. Muslims are hateful— This is not at all true. Some may be, yes, but most of the Muslims I have met are the friendliest people I have ever met. They welcome you into their homes and their lives. They treat you with great honor and respect. Honestly, most Muslims treat people better than most Christians. This should not be so, we should be loving people and loving Muslims and taking the gospel to them!

So why don’t we stop it with the generalization of all Muslims. Why don’t we start with the realization that they are in need of a Savior. They are in need of us taking the gospel to them. Let’s stop being  afraid of them and start loving them and showing them the love of Christ and how He died for them! If we would get rid of these misconceptions it would help us with the realization that Christ died for them and they are on their way to hell without Christ, so it is our responsibility, as Christians, to take the gospel to them!