A Biblical Equivalent of Taking the Gospel to Muslims:

People think and say that we should kill and destroy all Muslims. They say that they are no good and don’t deserve Christ. Their views are skewed because of the extreme cases of terrorism around the world. But let me tell you about a man who was asked to go to a people that would be the equivalent of Muslims and terrorists today. The man was Jonah. God wanted him to go to the Assyrians in Nineveh. The Assyrians were wicked people and did terrible, awful things to people. They committed heinous acts on people and conquered all different regions of the world, killing people along the way. God was going to destroy them, but wanted to show grace and mercy to them! So He sent Jonah to go. Now Jonah (and Jews in general) hated the Assyrians and he wanted them all to die (sounds like many Christians today when it comes it Muslims). Yet God in His love and mercy wanted them to hear a warning to have a chance to repent. This is why Jonah flees. He doesn’t want them to hear. Even after they repent, in his heart he was mad and wanted them still to die. But God was merciful and loved them. Guess what, today God loves and extends grace and mercy to all Muslims. He sent His son to die on the cross for their sins and He wants us to go and take that Good News to them. He wants us to extend His grace and mercy to Him in the message of the cross! The question will be this, will we keep a hateful and wicked attitude like Jonah had, or will we be humbled, realize the need of the Muslims and take the message of God’s love and mercy to them? Untold billions are in darkness and we have the message that Christ died for them! Why do we sit back and hope they all die? Why don’t we go and give them the Gospel that they might live eternally and have new life in Christ!