Missionary Blake Young

“South America is already reached with the gospel.”

If you think that, then come and see Medellin, Colombia. 
Because what I saw there broke my heart.

I grew up in a home where I was told my mom did not love me and that my grandparents stole me away from her. I didn’t even meet my dad for several years. I grew up angry and bitter, with so much hatred in my heart. Then I learned that God loved me and had taken an interest in my life. When God saved me, I learned “that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again,” (1 Corinthians 5:15). For the first time in my life, I realized I had a purpose, and that purpose was to live for Christ.
A few years later, I had an opportunity to visit several countries in the United Kingdom. It was there that God showed me that there was a need for the gospel all over the world. Later, I went to Nepal. I knew at the end of that trip that God had called me to missions, but I had no idea where He was leading me to serve.

Then, a seemingly random opportunity arose for me to go to Colombia. Upon arriving, I saw a country with beautiful mountains, friendly people, and awesome food. But what I saw a few days into that trip changed my life. Missionary Miguel Sanabria took my friends and me to a Catholic school where they worshipped the saint Mother Laura. I saw several school children praying to her in unison, and I heard their teacher tell them that if they wanted Mother Laura to bless their family and take them to heaven, that they needed to obey their teachers and parents. I saw a small room with three walls covered in about 800 plaques dedicated to Mother Laura, saying, “Thank you for providing for my family,” “Thank you for giving me a job,” and, “Thank you for healing my sick daughter.”

After that day, as beautiful and friendly as Colombia was, my eyes were opened to the hurting masses around me. And that’s why we’re going to Colombia. We are going because there are so many who are just like I was, who will never hear the truth because they are blinded by religion. I met people who grew up the way I did, Colombians who believe that God has forsaken them, that they should have never been born, and that God is too busy for them. I saw hurting and angry families at a cemetery weeping over the death of their loved ones. They so strongly believe that if someone prays over their dead family member for 72 hours straight, that person can go to heaven.

What if we changed the way we think about Latin America? They are not reached with the gospel, yet God is doing something absolutely amazing there in our lifetime. There have been tens of thousands who have left the Catholic Church over the years, but there are so few churches preaching the truth, that they are finding churches that continue to preach a false work-based religion. They desperately need to hear the true gospel of Christ.

What do you think? Are they reached, or do you need to go and tell them about Christ?