By Stephen Carrier, missionary to Chile

An apparent gas leak resulted in a horrible explosion that rocked the Hotel Saratoga in Havana, Cuba, at the beginning of May. To date, 45 people have been declared dead and several others injured. The explosion even affected the nearby historic Marti Theater and Calvary Baptist Church, causing major damage to both.

Search and rescue was on the scene, trying their best to find survivors, but as time goes on, the odds  to work against them. So it is with us as Christians. Even today, many souls have already passed away, and we can no longer do anything to reach them with the gospel. But there are still souls out there who can hear and respond to the gospel if we can just reach them in time. We’ll never reach them, however, if we aren’t looking.

The world knows how important it is to get to survivors of disasters before it’s too late. Are we as Christians taking our job just as seriously?