For the first time in over 60 years, Cubans are protesting and standing up to a communist government. Lack of basic goods & services, including medical help and consistent electricity, and a surge in COVID cases are driving people to demonstrate. In response, the Cuban president has blamed its economic woes on the US and called for Communist supporters to take back the streets. Curfew has been instituted, but clashes continue, and people are dying. At the writing of this, the Cuban government has initiated countrywide internet outages and blocked access to communications, including social media and messaging platforms.

Jonathan and Rebekah Anderson, missionaries to Mexico, support a Cuban pastor and his wife named Enrique and Anet. This couple has a church in Havana that has been struggling to meet due to pandemic restrictions. The Andersons have limited contact with Enrique and Anet but have heard that the government has cut electricity and water since the protests started. People are struggling to find food. Security forces have been deployed throughout Cuba and are freely shooting dissidents.

Pray for Cuba. This protest may bring about change or make life even harder for the 11 million Cubans living there. Pray, too, for Enrique, Anet, and the other Christians in Cuba. Pray that even in this time of crisis, they can point people to the gospel.