Peru is set to have a divisive presidential run-off this coming June after the April general elections failed to yield a clear winner. The winner of this run-off will be Peru’s 5th president in 5 years.

On one side stands Pedro Castillo, a socialist elementary school teacher from the Andes who has been compared to Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.
 His base of support seems to lie in rural Peru. Castillo wants to rewrite the constitution and nationalize the country’s resources to pay for better health care and education. He received 19% of the vote.

On the other side is Keiko Fujimori, heir to the powerful and controversial Fujimori dynasty. She ran for president 3 times, was imprisoned, and is still under investigation for allegations of corruption. A conservative, Fujimori vowed to support the free market, foster economic growth, ease business regulations, and come down hard on crime. She won 14.5% of the vote.

Almost 70% of Peruvian voters picked a candidate other than Castillo and Fujimori or left their ballots completely blank. Castillo and Fujimori then became the front-runners, with many Peruvians unhappy about their two choices.

Please remember to pray for Peru in this upcoming election.