Two weeks ago, an overpass carrying a subway train in Mexico City collapsed, killing at least 26 people and injuring 79 others. The train was traveling down the so called “Golden Line,” the newest part of the railway system, when the overpass gave way onto traffic below. The Golden Line section was built to connect poorer neighborhoods in Mexico City with the metropolis and give people greater access and opportunity. Many residents dismissed issues and rumors with the rail line because it made their commute faster, easier, and more affordable. However, just a year after the Golden Line was opened in 2012, it had to be closed down for repair. In 2014, the section was shut down again for 20 months due to structural concerns. In the past 14 months, the Golden Line has seen a train collision and fire in a command center. Local investigations, as well as another one being done by an independent Norwegian firm, are currently underway to determine the cause of this tragedy. 

Pray for Mexico as they deal with the aftermath of this deadly collapse. Lives were lost, families altered, and jobs made more difficult. Those who survived have wondered at their new lease on life. Pray that this tragedy will soften hearts towards the gospel and make people more receptive to Christ’s message of salvation by faith alone.