By Joy Wahl, OGTC Intern

Tears of joy and singing erupted from the streets of Argentina on Friday, December 11. After 15 years of protests, Argentina’s lower house finally passed an abortion bill. If the Argentine Senate approves the bill, abortion will be legal in the country. Pro-choice supporters are hoping that once the abortion law passes in Argentina, other South American countries will also follow suit.

If passed, this new Argentine law will potentially:

  1. permit girls older than 13 to abort a baby without their parents’ knowledge.
  2. allow for unborn babies up to 14 weeks old to be aborted for any reason.

Several influential people in Argentina have expressed their pro-life opinion, calling legalizing the death of a human being a “failure for a nation.” Even Pope Francis wrote a personal letter stating his pro-life position.

It is heart-breaking to think that people could be so jubilant over abortion. Many Argentines are shedding tears of joy for the legalization of murder when the One who was murdered on the cross is lamenting for their souls. Who will go and tell Argentina about Jesus Christ? Will you go? Pray for Argentina and consider their need for the true gospel.