Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are experiencing unusually cold temperatures this week, with snow and hail in certain parts of the south, as well as an atypical cold cyclone that hit southern Brazil and Uruguay. São Paulo, Latin America’s largest city, saw its lowest temperatures in over 30 years. Since the pandemic, the city now has a 30% homeless population, with roughly 35,000 people or more sleeping in the streets every night. While more beds are being added to São Paulo shelters this week, some homeless people have already died, and many fear what this cold front will do to others and the agricultural economy. 

What may feel like normal fall/winter temperatures to those in the United States may feel unusually cold to Brazilians, especially those without proper clothing and shelter. And there’s still roughly one month to go before winter officially begins in Brazil. Pray for the Brasileños as they go through this unusual cold snap.