The former interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Añez, was recently arrested by the new socialist government that was voted in this past October. The Movement for Socialism (MAS) arrested Añez for throwing a coup against former president Evo Morales. Añez was apprehended along with several other government administrators.

Bolivians have once again taken the matter to the streets to show their disagreement with the government. Those who opposed the detention of Añez started striking, and the MAS party has joined in as well. A group of young people called “Capinota Revolutionary Indigenous Youth” stormed the protests with homemade weapons to scare off activists trying to get Añez released.

Since the October 2019 elections, Bolivia has had countless numbers of strikes and blockades. Many people hoped that after the October 2020 re-elections, there would be peace in Bolivia once more. However, we know that the only way to have true peace is through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. As long as Bolivians keep putting their trust in men and in the government, they will continue to sow discord and disunity among themselves.

Will you pray that more gospel laborers would rise up to share the gospel with those in Bolivia, so that they can finally have the kind of peace that passes all understanding?