Give In Memory of Bob Preston

If you are interested in giving to any of the ministries of Vision Baptist Missions in memory of Bob Preston, first of all, we are very grateful for your love and support of the Preston Family. We are also grateful for your support of a cause that Bob Preston was passionate about. Thank you!

Secondly, if you would fill out the adjacent form, we will be able to take your gift and supply you with a tax-deductible reciept .

Of course, we know that monetary support is only a small part of reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus. We also covet your prayer support and encouragement of our missionaries. Please feel free to contact us or any of our missionaries at any time. Thank you!

There are two main ways to give: Online or by Check.

Give Online

Online donations to the missionary family or project can be made using any major debit/credit card, Apple Pay, low fee ACH bank transfers, and PayPal.
To make a donation online, follow these steps in the giving box on this page:
1. If you would like to track, change or add to your support through VBM, please create a login by clicking the "Login" button.
2. Choose what you would like to give from the dropdown menu.
3. Enter the $ amount.
4. Choose your method of payment.
5. Choose “One-Time”, “Monthly” or another time frame that you would like.
6. Choose the ministry you would like to give to from the dropdown menu. You can then add other ministries to support by clicking "Add Another Designation."
7. Click the “Give Now” button.
8. On the next form, enter all the required information. Please consider clicking on the "I would like to add..." box to help cover the transaction fee. This will allow more of your support to go to the missionary or project.

Give By Check

If you would like to give to any ministry of Vision Baptist Missions, you can do so by supporting on a monthly basis or with a one-time love gift.
You can send all donations to:
Vision Baptist Missions
PO Box 442
Alpharetta, GA 30009
Make all checks payable to Vision Baptist Missions, but write the name of the missionary family or special project in the “memo” section of the check.
If you have any questions about this process, please contact us: