When Poland’s nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party took power in 2015, it began calling for reparations to be paid by Germany for World War II. The most recent effort to begin talks on reparations was in October of 2022 and was quickly dismissed by Germany, with the foreign minister stating that the issue had already been decided. Poland’s deputy foreign minister claimed that Germany’s response showed disrespect for Poles. The estimated devastation caused to Poland was approximately $1.4 trillion, however, in 1953 Poland’s government declined all rights to claim reparations. Only when PiS took power in 2015 did the issue of reparations become a major talking point and a political platform spurring the constituents towards nationalism.

Both Poland and Germany are in need of church planters and missionaries to share with the citizens the hope and peace found in Jesus Christ. Germany is a multicultural nation with large numbers of immigrants, and Poland is recovering from years of poverty under communism. In Germany, 2% of the population is evangelical while in Poland the percentage is 0.3. The unreached in Poland is 1% and in Germany is 4%. What unites both countries is the fact the God loves each and every individual and cares about their wellbeing in this life and the next. Please pray for more workers to take the gospel to the people of Poland and Germany.