In the heart of the Balkans in southeast Europe is a small place called Kosovo. Most people around the world know of Kosovo because of the 1998-1999 Kosov War when Kosovo Albanian forces fought against the Serbian and Montenegrin forces of Yugoslavia.

Kosovo is a partially recognized state now and operates fairly independently of the other Balkan countries. It is a country of nearly 1.9 million people who are 92% Albanian and 97% Islamic. Despite the Kosovo war and much poverty, the country has redcently experienced positive economic growth. The region also has valuable reserves of natural resources.

A team from Vision Baptist Missions visited Kosovo in June 2021. While the visit to Kosovo was very brief, it seems like there is a door of opportunity in the country. The country seems fairly modern, but the people are spiritually lost with Islam the main religion and mosques peppering the countries and cities.

Other interesting facts about Kosovo:

  • With a GDP of $3,893, Kosovo is the third-poorest country in Europe (behind Moldova and Ukraine). (source)
  • The majority of the people speak Albanian, with Albanian and Serbian the official languages.
  • It is the youngest country in Europe with a media age of about 30 years of age. (source)
  • Mother Teresa lived in Kosov as a teenager, and a Roman Catholic cathedral in Pristina is named after her.
  • According to Operation World, “the evangelical church is very small but growing”. In 2010, it was said that there were 2000 believers in the country and 35 evangelical churches.
  • The North American Mission Handbook, as of 2019, does not record of any Baptist missionaries form North America in Kosovo.

Please pray for laborers to go to Kosovo! Pray for the capital city of Pristina with nearly 500,000 people in the metro area. Pray for the Kosovar believers to be strong in their faith and bold in their witness.