The small nation of Slovenia is holding a presidential election in October 2022 to replace Borut Pahor, the current president. Pahor has completed two full terms, making him ineligible for another. According to polls, the two female candidates intending to run–Natasa Pirc Musar and Marta Kos–are strong contenders. The third announced candidate is the former foreign minister, Anze Logar. Many people are intending to vote for the popular lawyer, Natasa Pirc Musar. If a woman wins the election, she will be the first female president in Slovenia since it split from Yugoslavia and became an independent nation in 1991.

Slovenia is a tiny country with a huge need. With a population of just over 2 million, it is one of the smallest countries in Europe. However, the spiritual need is astounding. Evangelical Christians are estimated to be only .1% of the population, meaning many churches in the United States have more members than Slovenia has Christians. Slovenians need the Gospel, local churches planted, and discipleship. Please pray for this small nation to be placed on the hearts of Christians worldwide who will answer the call to become missionaries there. May the number of Christians in Slovenia drastically increase within the coming years.