During the month of June, the Bulgarian government collapsed, prompting quick political action. Bulgarian president Rumen Radev called for the country to vote in a snap election for a new prime minister after former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov was ousted. When Petkov left office, none of the four political parties was capable of gaining a majority vote, meaning that this will be the fourth parliamentary election in just two years in Bulgaria. In the meantime, the parliament will be led by Galab Donev, the former minister of labour. There is a possibility that the upcoming snap election will produce yet another split parliament.

Bulgaria is no stranger to political division. It was a nation dominated by communism from the 1940s until 1989, and today, political and racial tensions undercut the society. It is the poorest country in the European Union, forcing many citizens to emigrate; however, a new government is not the answer to the problems in Bulgaria. It is a very religious nation, but only 1% of the 6,896,655 people are evangelical Christians. Someone needs to take the Gospel to the other 99%. Will you pray for labourers for Bulgaria and ask if God wants you to become one of them?