The small nation of Liechtenstein, situated between Switzerland and Austria, is governed by Hans-Adam, the Sovereign Prince. While the country is technically a constitutional monarchy, the prince holds enormous power given to him by the people as recently as 2003. In 2012 a referendum was called to question the removal of some of his power, however, it was denied. Prince Hans-Adam has veto power and the right to weigh in on any political decisions. During both the 2003 and 2012 votes, the prince stated that should his power be reduced, he would leave the country. Prince Hans-Adam owns the LGT bank, making him one of Europe’s richest monarchs and one of the wealthiest heads of state in the world.

Liechtenstein does not have an army, however, it does possess a national police force. Should trouble arise, help would be asked of its neighboring countries, Switzerland and Austria. Liechtenstein has one of the world’s lowest crime rates, with the last homicide taking place in 2014. With a population of just over 38,000, nearly 80% claim to be Roman Catholic but do not practice that faith. Just 0.5% of Liechtensteiners are professing evangelical Christians and 4% are completely unevangelized. Please pray for laborers to reach this small nation with the Gospel and for a growing, thriving Christian community to be established.