A border dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which has been an issue for decades, has recently escalated. The area in question geographically belongs to Azerbaijan, however, it is populated primarily by ethnic Armenians. In September, Azerbaijan attacked several Armenian positions along the border.

These attacks led another nation into the dispute. In order to present a show of power to Azerbaijan, Iran held military drills at the Azerbaijan border. Supply chain disruptions have been a cause of concern for many countries over the past two years, and the recent conflict between Ukraine and Russia has only exacerbated the issue. Exports from Iran travel through Armenia in transit to Europe, and Armenia is in the process of improving the routes to enable more efficient passage. The Iranian government is concerned that should Azerbaijan attack the border of Armenia, the north-south trade route would be eliminated.

Azerbaijan has a tiny evangelical Christian population of 0.2%. There is a huge need for missionaries, church planters, and firm believers who will share the Gospel and be an example. Sacrificial, Christ-like love is the only hope for the 13 million people represented by both countries, and it is the only way past long-standing ethnic tensions between people groups.