During the last week of November, Swiss citizens cast their votes in a referendum concerning a Covid certificate. According to reports, there had been a spike in Covid cases during the few weeks leading up to the vote. Early reports showed that more than 60% of Swiss voters supported the referendum that would require a certificate showing that citizens had either been vaccinated against Covid, tested negative, or had recovered from the virus before being allowed entry into certain public places. Those opposing the certificate argued that by restricting the freedoms of the unvaccinated, a mandate would be implied. Despite sharp opposition, early reports suggest that the majority of Swiss voters support the Covid certificate.

Switzerland is a breathtakingly beautiful country which attracts a large percentage of immigrants. Although many Swiss dislike the change immigration brings to their culture, the country is reliant on working-age people to bring in much-needed funds for the aging population. The influx of various religious groups in combination with the traditional Swiss culture has resulted in a mere 4% of the population of 9,000,000 professing faith in Jesus Christ. Missionaries are desperately needed to reach not only the native Swiss, but also the surge of immigrants. Please pray for the people of Switzerland to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.