During the evening of July 8, nine skydivers were killed in a plane crash just outside the Swedish city of Orebro. The nine people were members of a skydiving club who undoubtedly were familiar with taking risks for the sake of a thrill. However, that night a parachute did not save a single person on the plane. It is speculated that there was a problem with take-off, and the plane burst into flames when it crashed in an open field. It can be assumed that each person knew the risk involved in skydiving, but did they ever think that the real risk would be an airplane issue? Death came unexpectedly to those nine people that night, and the country of Sweden mourns for the loss of life.

With Sweden’s history of Christianity, it could be possible that the nine people had trusted Christ as Savior. Currently, 6.9% of the Swedish population is evangelical Christian, but that number is in steady decline. In the early 2000s, 80% of Swedes were members of the Lutheran Church of Sweden. By 2019, that number decreased to 56%. While the Lutheran church may still have a majority of members, many of those are non-practicing. Most religious belief systems are suffering a decline in Sweden, with atheism on the rise. 18% of Swedes would call themselves atheists, and 55% would call themselves non-religious.

While the news of nine Swedes losing their lives in such a tragic way is heartbreaking, the reality is that thousands die every day without Christ and need a messenger to tell them the good news of salvation. The Swedish people desperately need a revival. Please pray for churches to be planted and missionaries to go to the spiritually needy country of Sweden.