At the end of November, Slovakia ordered a two-week lockdown and a 90-day state of emergency due to Covid-19. The cases reached a weekly average of 10,000, which put a strain on the healthcare system. The lockdown affected all non-essential businesses. Those wishing to go to work were required to show proof of one of the following: vaccination, previously having had the virus, or a negative test. Due to more than 3,000 Covid-19 hospitalizations, Slovakia may be required to ask for assistance from neighboring European countries. Those neighboring countries are also experiencing a sharp rise in cases, with Austria being the first nation to mandate vaccines, effective February 1, 2022.

Slovakia is a very “Christian” nation, however, the estimated number of evangelicals is 1.2% of more than 5,000,000. The Catholic and Lutheran churches are not thriving and most of those professing “Christians” do not regularly attend services or practice their faith in their personal lives. A fast-growing religion in Slovakia that has a larger base than evangelicals is Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Romani (Gypsy) people are the most easily reached people group in Slovakia, and more workers are needed to engage, evangelize and disciple this group. Please pray for the following: the struggling evangelical church, missionaries to go start or help revive churches, workers who will reach out to the Romani people, receptive hearts in the Slovakian people who are living in fear of Covid and its affects.