According to Dutch statisticians who have conducted recent studies, the men and women of the Netherlands remain the tallest in the world. The Dutch have held that distinction for the past sixty years, and are not likely to relinquish it anytime soon. However, the statisticians are alarmed that the people born in 2001 that were recently measured are, on average, 1 cm shorter than the generation preceding them. Many things could contribute to the shrinking scare, but the most probable causes are immigration and a change in diet. Dutch scientists have offered ideas that may help, but ultimately say the cause for the growth the past sixty years was natural selection and that is subject to change.

While the scientists of the Netherlands worry about a 1 cm change in average height, Christians all over the world should be concerned about the spiritual growth of the Dutch. In years past, many missionaries were sent out of the Netherlands and Christianity flourished. Today, less than 5% of the population is Christian; half of the church buildings have either been destroyed or are used for secular purposes; the Netherlands leads the world in New Age beliefs; and the government gives few limitations to euthanasia, abortion and other horrible practices. Please pray for the Dutch to be given the gospel and to understand their need for salvation before it’s too late.