July was the hottest month in Spain since 1961 when the meteorology register began keeping track. Due to the extreme temperatures, wildfires have been a much more serious threat this year. The yearly average of 70,000 hectares consumed by fires increased to 270,000 this year. In Valencia, the eastern region of Spain, hundreds of firefighters are working to contain the blaze of two wildfires and many people have been evacuated from their homes. Portugal is battling fires as well. The Serra da Estrela national park in central Portugal has been engulfed in flames since August 6, and 1,100 firefighters and thirteen waterbombing airplanes have been working nonstop to control the fire. The smoke from the wildfire in Portugal has reached Madrid, which is 250 miles away. This caused much concern for Madrid residents who were worried a fire had ignited in the capital city.

The imminent threat of an approaching wildfire is enough to cause panic and requires quick action. Even more looming and ominous is the reality of eternity for anyone who has not trusted Jesus as Saviour. In Spain, a heavily Roman Catholic nation, only 1% would claim to be evangelical Christian. While Portugal has a similar Roman Catholic leaning, 3% are professing evangelical Christians. In both countries, practicing religion in general has heavily decreased. Please pray for Christians who will answer the call to take the Gospel to two spiritually dry countries that are in desperate need of the Living Water.