On Christmas Day, an avalanche at a ski resort in Austria resulted in the injury of four people. One of the injured had been buried in the snow and required immediate medical attention. The avalanche occurred on the Trittkopf mountain around 3 p.m. on Sunday the 25th. Immediately after the incident, helicopters and search teams were deployed with approximately 200 people involved in the search. Just before 1 a.m. on the 26th, authorities announced that all missing people had been accounted for and no one was fatally injured. Not considered a dangerous sport, skiing-related deaths are estimated to be 1 in 1.4 million and avalanches killed around 150 people per year. While enjoying their holiday at the ski resort, it is doubtful that any of the avalanche survivors thought that they would end Christmas Day in such a frightful way. What the skiers experienced is a good reminder of the brevity and fragility of life. May we Christians live every day to bring glory to God and share His love with those around us.

While a predominantly Roman Catholic country, many Austrians are leaving the Catholic Church due to various scandals and the church’s tax on income. Evangelical Christianity comprises 0.5% of the population and the most growth occurs within this branch of Christianity. More missionaries are needed to start churches and reach the population of 9 million people. Please be in prayer for the Christians already working in this area and for others to join them.