This summer’s intense heat wave in Europe is continuing to leave a mark. Spain, not a stranger to hot summers, experienced record-setting heat that has greatly affected the Mediterranian regions responsible for mussel crops. Water temperatures soared, reaching 86° F, with the heatwave lasting 42 days–three times the average over the past decade. With the higher-than-normal water temperatures, the mussel farmers in the area are taking a big financial hit. It has been estimated that 150 tons of commercial mussels have been destroyed along with 1,000 tons of young stock for next year. The producers of the mollusc industry in this region estimate that they will lose around $1,000,000 between this year’s crop and purchasing next year’s young molluscs from elsewhere.

Whether heatwaves in the summer or freezing days in the winter, so much of life is unreliable and can be daunting for those depending on something as unpredictable as the weather. How blessed it is to depend solely on the One Who is completely reliable! While historically Spain was very Catholic, today less than 17% of the population attends mass. With a population of 46,745,211, 77% still consider themselves Christian, however, few are practising. A tiny 1% claims to be evangelical. Please pray for the country of Spain. Pray that the Christians there would be bold witnesses; for the hearts of those unsaved to be softened to the Gospel; and for missionaries to reach those in darkness.