In November of 2022, Mette Frederiksen won a second term as Danish prime minister. Just one month later in December, she faced severe backlash for proposing to cancel a national holiday. The holiday in question is Great Prayer Day, established over 300 years ago and held the fourth Friday after Easter. Frederiksen and her supporters expressed concern that the military budget needed bolstering due to the war in Ukraine. By ending Great Prayer Day and shops remaining open, Frederiksen stated that the added revenue from taxes would provide the funds. However, many citizens and political opponents argue that the money generated that day would go into the general fund and would not be earmarked for the military. Opponents also stated that many people would either continue to observe the day or choose to work, not necessarily shopping and providing revenue. Understandably, many worry that a precedent would be set that should the government have another deficit, other national holidays would be canceled.

Denmark is traditionally Christian, however, some reports estimate over 50% of the modern population is atheist or agnostic. While 3% is evangelical Christian, 4% of the population is completely unreached. Denmark is a relatively small country with a population of 5.8 million people–many of whom are immigrants. These immigrants may be open to the gospel, but need someone to share it with them. There is a great need for missionaries and church planters to reach not only the Danes but also the many minorities. Please be in prayer that God would send someone to share His love with the people of Denmark.