Supply chain disruptions and increased energy prices have become a source of steep global inflation in 2022 and many people are struggling with the long-reaching effects. In the Netherlands during the month of September, inflation increased by 17% making it the highest it has been in decades. This comes after a leap of 13% one month earlier in August. The surging energy costs are astounding, with an increase of 114% since September 2021. In an effort to reassure its citizens, the Dutch government has pledged 18 billion euros in assistance next year. In addition, electricity and gas prices have been capped.

Despite governmental promises and efforts like those made by the Dutch government, uncertain and fearful times grip the world and there is no comfort or peace to be found outside of Christ. The Netherlands, once a Christian nation, now leads the world in secularism and New Age views. The evangelical population numbers 4%, and the largest “religion” is non-religious. As dire the circumstances may be, hope is not lost. We can pray that this may prove to be a fruitful time for the Gospel to reach those living in the shadow of fear and stress over the future.