The summer of 2021 has brought a severe heatwave to Greece unlike any seen in 30 years. Temperatures reached a blazing 113°F (45°C), causing wildfires to erupt all over the country. Greece’s second-largest island, Evia, is battling the most intense fire, with more than 2,000 people having been evacuated and many homes and villages destroyed. A fire north of Athens caused thousands to evacuate the city last week, but has since subsided. In all, 140,000 acres were consumed within 10 days by wildfires around Greece. To help control the blaze, the army was deployed to Evia, as well as hundreds of firefighters. Several countries have sent their own firefighters to help contain the spread. In total, more than 500 wildfires have spread across Greece this month.

Just like the evacuation boats rescuing people from the clutches of a raging fire and certain death, the Gospel is the only hope for people to be saved from a life of destruction and eternal separation from God. Christians are the firefighters, and the fire is spreading rapidly. Many more workers are needed from various countries in the spiritual rescue effort. Of the Greek population, only .4% is evangelical Christian, meaning that thousands of people die daily with no hope and no one to tell them of salvation. Please pray for the people affected by the wildfires and for laborers to answer the call to take the Gospel to Greece.