On Friday, January 13, an explosion occurred in a gas pipeline that runs from Lithuania to Latvia. Fortunately, no one was reported injured. The gas supply was promptly cut off and the fire was put out, however, the damaged pipeline was unusable. The CEO of the gas company stated that another parallel line was unaffected and will be used to supply the same amount to Latvia. The recent Nord Stream Pipeline explosion has caused a major surge in energy prices in Europe, placing further hardships on families already struggling with the cost of living crisis. However, it has been expressed by this gas company that the clients will in no way be affected by this event. There is an in-depth investigation taking place into the explosion but initial reports claim there is no cause to suspect an attack.

Both Lithuania and Latvia suffered greatly under communism and the Soviet Union and the effects are still visible. Both are in need of missionaries and church planters to carry the gospel to the many unreached peoples. In Lithuania, only 1% of the population is evangelical and 1% is completely unreached. Latvia has a higher evangelical population at 7% but an unreached population of 1%. Please pray for workers for these countries and for the citizens to be open to the hope and salvation found in Jesus Christ.