Recent excessive rainfall and flooding in Italy have led to a tragic landslide. During the first weekend of December, catastrophic mudslides claimed the lives of at least eight people on the Italian island of Ischia, to the west of Naples. At least five people are still missing. The government has allocated funds to aid displaced townspeople, and the hard work of cleaning up has begun. Many homes were completely destroyed by the landslide, as well as infrastructure being badly damaged. Both the local and national governments are working to repair all the damage. In the meantime, a state of emergency has been declared as other areas hit with extreme rainfall prepare for the possibility of mudslides as well.

The possibility of losing a home, or far worse, a life, no doubt has created a sense of fear in Italians living in the affected area. A sense of self-preservation has no doubt left many wondering if they should leave the area until it has been made safer. Christians with a sense of soul preservation are needed to take the Gospel to these people who have had such a harrowing experience. While Italy is predominantly a Roman Catholic country, many who subscribe to that religion are not faithful members. It is estimated that only 1% of the total population is evangelical Christian and 4% are completely unevangelized. The harvest is ripe in Italy, but laborers are so desperately needed. Please pray for this to open the door to many salvations, for missionaries to answer to call to go to Italy, and for God’s name to be glorified through even this difficult situation.