The largest Greek island of Crete experienced torrential rainfall in October causing catastrophic damages and loss of life. On the streets of many seaside villages, everything was moved by the gushing water. Within the span of one hour, emergency services reported receiving 450 calls for assistance. Unfortunately, one man was trapped inside his car as the flooding began and did not make it out alive. In addition to this fatality, another death has been reported and a few people are still missing. The rain has stopped, but for those affected by this tragic event, the road to recovery has just begun.

Greece, the beautiful Mediterranean nation with numerous islands, is a paradise on earth–visually speaking. It is a popular tourist destination renowned for its turquoise water, archaeological sites, beautiful beaches, and warm climate. Like the rest of Europe, however, it is facing crippling inflation in 2022. Add to this the recent devastating flooding to occur in Crete, and it would be easy to see how fearful and anxious the population could grow. With a small 0.4% estimated to be evangelical Christians, the majority of the population is in desperate need of the hope found only in Christ Jesus. Please be in prayer for those affected by the flooding, for missionaries to go to those unreached in Greece, and for open and receptive hearts.