Across the world, the winter of 2022 has been feared because of the massive increase in energy prices. Many people are experiencing a negative gap between their income and cost of living, and it has many worried about the future. In Bulgaria, thousands of people have taken part in demonstrations demanding an increase in salary to compensate for the inflation. The country’s two largest unions organized a protest outside of Parliament, during which time they gave the government a joint declaration to speed up the adoption of next year’s budget. This is in hopes that the government will promote an increase in the minimum wage instead of it being frozen at the current amount. In less than two years, Bulgaria has had four general elections, leaving the country with a caretaker cabinet and a split parliament. This fragmented system has resulted in a political stalemate, which will need to be fixed in order to submit and pass a budget.

Bulgaria, the poorest European Union country, is plagued by poverty, a declining population, and racial tension. Christianity is the largest religion, however, only 1% are evangelicals. Please pray for the Christians there to properly show the love of Christ to unbelievers, and for others to join them in spreading the Gospel. Although hope in a government is futile, Bulgarians can have everlasting hope in Jesus Christ.