As some people near retirement age, they begin considering if they would like to move abroad during those years. In the United Kingdom, the popular internet search “best country to retire to” has increased 94% in the past year. Many retirees are searching for locations with good weather, healthcare, and exchange rate for the British pound. An estimated 12% of UK residents over the age of 50 are planning to retire outside of the country. Research and polls have been conducted to determine the most popular countries for retirement, with three interesting contenders.

Croatia was voted the best, with a population of 21% over the age of 65. The warmer climate and lower cost of living are major draws for those seeking a new environment. Spain has long been a favourite tourist spot and has a warm, sunny climate similar to Croatia’s. This coupled with the highly-rated healthcare in Spain makes it the second most popular retirement destination. With a climate completely unlike the previous countries, Ireland comes in at the third spot. It is said to be one of the happiest and safest places to retire, and the visa process for those from the UK is simpler and cheaper than other places.

Many of these expats move countries to have a better quality of life during retirement, but how much better it would be if they could hear the Gospel, repent of their sins, and have a personal relationship with God! The influx of foreigners to these countries gives missionaries there an opportunity to reach other nations while staying in one place. The statistics show that none of these countries have an evangelical population above 2%; Croatia = 0.4%, Ireland = 1.5%, Spain = 1%. Please be praying for missionaries in these countries and for others to join them in the work of the Gospel.