The Most Neglected Mission Field in the World

There are many arguments of which fields are the most neglected fields in the world. People would argue about people groups, countries and even cities, but I can tell you, hands down, there is one group that has been neglected for centuries! That is the Muslim world!

 You see when Islam began its rise Christians did not know how to respond to it and did not capitalize on an opportunity to take the gospel to them. As it grew through war and expansion, instead of a missionary response, the Christian world responded with force and war. Hoping that taking the fight to the Muslim world would stop its spread. But if instead of war we had sent missionaries, maybe the spread and impact of Islam would have been stopped. 

Really it wasn’t until the 1300s that the first known missionary to the Muslims, Raymond Lull, went to them! But guess what! Look throughout the centuries and the years and you will see missionaries going to all sorts of places, but still sitting neglected is the Muslim world. Go, try to find a large list of missionaries to the Muslim world of the past and you will have a short list with people like Lull, Zwemer and Falconer to name a few. 

But let us fast forward today. There is much talk about the 10/40 window in churches today, but little has been done to go to the Muslim world! If you go into most churches and put pins on the map of where their missionaries are, you will see a certain place that would maybe have a few pins but not many. That would be the Muslim world. The Middle East and Central Asia have been neglected and are in need of the gospel! I think we need to keep sending missionaries all over the world because the need is great every where! But we have neglected an entire mission field throughout the centuries! The Muslim world has gone unevangelized because we have sat idly by and not sent people to these fields. 

People say they are closed, they are dangerous, they are difficult, Those could all be true, but if businesses can get there why can’t the gospel? If we can go to many of these countries on vacations, why can’t we go there as missionaries? It is time for people to take serious the need in the Muslim world! It is time for Christians to step out in faith and take the gospel to a world blinded by Islam! Let’s flood the Muslim world with the Gospel and let it become not the most neglected mission field, but the most reached mission field in the world! Lets take the gospel to the Muslim world!