“Talk is cheap!” 

This is said when someone talks but doesn’t walk. When they can say sentences but can’t pay the proper penances of hard work and dedication. 

This saying originated with the Christian author John Bunyan. He coined it as, “I know words are cheap, but a dram of grace is worth all the world.” Though Bunyan may have coined these words, the truth that talk is cheap goes back to scripture. I hope that as we take a closer look at this passage, we may be challenged to walk the talk.

In all labour there is profit: But the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury. Proverbs 14:23

Work always brings profit. If you put in the work, you will gain an outcome. It may not always be what you were expecting it to be, but it will be profit nonetheless. Work is worth it. Our society promotes slothfulness, but our Lord promotes work. The worth of work is not the only thing emphasized in this verse. The second half of the verse mentions that talk will lead to poverty. As we see from scripture, talk is cheap and work is profitable. 

Now that we have established this idea, I want to use the concept in World Evangelism. As I’ve made phone calls and gone on meetings during this season of deputation, the devil has made it his goal to discourage me. When that temptation comes, I always remind myself, ‘’Talk is cheap, work is worth it.’’ 


Christian, what are you doing today to get the gospel to the world? Are you giving? Are you praying? Are you going? Are you winning souls and discipling them? Are you raising your kids to be the next generation of soldiers on the front lines of world evangelism?


Are you talking about how much you love Jesus? Are you talking about how much you love missions? Are you talking about how much you believe the Bible and the Great Commission?

The convicting truth is that most of the time we are not working toward world evangelism, we are only talking about world evangelism. Missions is an old dusty banner we hang up once or twice a year to emphasize giving. Missions is a quote that we say and parade around yet don’t act upon. But today, we must decide to stand up and do the work of reaching the nations.

I want to challenge you to decide that talk is cheap. World evangelism deserves work, the work of praying, the work of giving, the work of going, the work of raising the next generation. Realize that if you do the work, God will bless with results.

We can’t hide behind the talk anymore. ‘’They won’t get saved.’’ ‘’Our country just doesn’t want the gospel.’’  ‘’Their hearts are cold.’’ This is no excuse. When we obey and do the work, He works and we see a profit.